You may be thinking of changing your heating & cooling system to help save money on your gas bills. But, did you know that Rheem also has furnace models that can save you money (up to $250.00 per year) on electricity?

Rheem has a number of products utilizing the highly advanced (and efficient) Integrated Control and Motor (ICM). These motors deliver more airflow on less electricity than standard blower motors. And, because of the soft start/stop feature of the ICM motor, each move from cycle to cycle is smooth and quiet-never abrupt. You will also find that whether it is heating or cooling your home, this motor is far quieter than any conventional motor. These motors are featured in the Rheem Contour 90+ and Criterion 2+2 LXE furnaces. With a high efficient ICM blower motor and a high efficiency filter system you can enjoy the benefits of running your fan continuously, cleaning the air 24 hours a day. The ICM motor uses only about 100 watts of electricity to do this. Typical fan motors use from 400 to 600 watts of power to do the same work. These motors even save on summer cooling costs by raising the SEER rating of your air conditioner by one full point.So, if you are pricing a new piece of heating or cooling equipment, make sure you call a Local Rheem Pro Partner Top Contractor, like Broadview Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. They will help you get all of the above described benefits of an ICM equipped heating and cooling system by Rheem.

And now we can even retrofit your existing furnace with an energy efficient Evergreen blower motor.